I’ve recently started working on some simple bots that will interact with certain sites using Selenium.

You can out the project page here.

Selenium is a Python module that allows one to interact with the html elements of a webpage. It is normally used to automate repetive tasks in browsers, such as web testing. I don’t love the module, and at times it can be very tempermental. But due to past experience with the module and lack of a meaningfully better alternative, I decided to go with it for this simple project.

The final objective of this project isn’t clear to me yet. For now I’m writing scripts for these bots which will have them complete tasks and mimic human users on Reddit. In the future I might build them out and attempt to fool other users on the site into thinking they are human users.

The repository is private for now, because the bot scripts could easily be repurposed to cause minor mayhem on Reddit (that is, if one also took some time to create a couple dozen reddit accounts).