This is just an update acknowledging and explaining my lack of activity on this site over the past couple months. I apologize to my extremely small following that I haven’t output any new content, and I’ll be posting various already written posts shortly in the future on topics such as chores, APDA tournament structures, and various projects I completed in the most recent academic semester.

The reason for my lack of activity was at first due to the end of the academic semester, during which time I was very busy completing coursework. After finishing all of my coursework and beginning my break I expected to finish and post some articles over December and January, but unfortunately I sustained third degree burns on my back. Preparing, undergoing, and recovering from surgery left me reasonably distracted from my other endevaors. I’m now in a good spot regarding the recovery process, and luckily the worst burns were on my back so after fully healing I won’t suffer any longterm impacts aside from fashionable scarring. I’m now able to begin working in earnest on my coursework, research and personal projects, and hopefully will begin posting regularly again.

One last thing to mention is I recently gained promise of gainful employment in the future. I’m not bringing this up as part of a victory lap or in order to elicit congratulations. Rather, now that this site will be under less professional scrutiny I plan to relax the set of topics I post about from almost purely quantitative topics to include articles that are more opinions, about various types media, pertain to philosophy, or various other topics. Hopefully this relaxation won’t degrade whatever level of quality i currently maintain, and perhaps allows me to post some more entertaining articles.

That’s about it, thanks for reading.